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Re: Gasket sealers

To: robert c noguiera <>
Subject: Re: Gasket sealers
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 19:15:46 -0500
Bob, try sanding both sides of the joint to insure that they are true.  One
good method is to use a sheet of 400 wet or dry on a piece of glass.  any low
spots will show up.  work it until its flat.  Doing so will give any gasket a
much better chance of sealing.  John

robert c noguiera wrote:

> I'm rebuilding a chain drive box  which is made of aluminum and holds
> oil. The box is split down the middle and BMW used a paper gasket
> between the mating surfaces. The paper gaskets were notorious for leaking
> oil and are no longer available so I was thinking of using one of the
> new form- a - gasket ( in a tube ) products.
> At the auto parts store they carry several types ( black , blue , red )
> but the packages do not state the advantages or disadvantages of the
> different types )
> The box will not be subject to a great deal of heat , but does have a
> narrow mating surface and being fragile the product used should allow for
> rather easy parting of the surfaces .
> Anyone have any recommendations ?
> Bob Nogueira

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