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Re[2]: other gaskets

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Subject: Re[2]: other gaskets
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:35:47 -0500
I make copper head gaskets for all sorts of applications.  From 18" bore to
small copper rings.  I have made gaskets for prototype aircraft motors,
tractors, motorcycles, firetrucks, race cars, boats.  visit my www page for more

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Subject:    Re: other gaskets 
Author: Fred Zampa <>
Date:       9/27/99 3:43 PM

>......speaking of gaskets, has anyone sucessfully made a head gasket ?  I
have heard that there are appropriate materials available from Victor.  I
just learned that a head gasket for
>my Citroen Traction Avant costs $125!!!   Alternatively, does anyone have
an LBC to trade for a Citroen that needs a minor repair ??
>       fred zampa

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