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Subject: Re: Rodents.....
From: "Tim Mullen" <>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 11:00:15 -0800
>>> "Gerald J. Brazil" <> 2/7/2000 1:20:27 PM >>>
> <...>a barn that serves as the Rodent Hilton. The "guest" of the Hilton
> range from little field mice with big black eyes to pack rats the size of
> small dogs.  <...>
> Does anybody have any other sure fire ways to discourage them and 
> keep them from chewing on wires and making nests and messes.

My aunt has pretty good luck keeping the mice etc. out of her barn.  She
has a bunch of barn cats that live in there...   8-)

And a couple of dogs to keep the cat population down...  =8-O

Hey, you said:

> All suggestions appreciated.

Tim Mullen - got to be a wise guy every now and then...

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