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Subject: Re: Rodents.....
From: Jim Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 21:00:44 -0500
I have solved the "rodent" problem in my barn with my MGA (partially
restored) and my wife's horses (with associated spilled feed--rat
food).  I got two cats from a friend (young ones) put them out with
plenty of cat food.  After a month of so of trying to get them to come
out of the gully next to the barn they finally started to call the
barn home--When I was there.  The daily ration of cat food was always
eaten by something.  After another month they were always there to
meet me and ready for some cat food.  I started to find their empty
feeding bowls with mouse parts, etc.  They wanted to show their
"catch".  They became real pets, wanting to be held and petted, etc.
I have kept feeding them every day and the rat, mouse, and even
squirrel bodies keep showing up.  No more rodent problems.

Only a happy cat will really go after enough rats and mice and make a
difference.  Feed the cats well and make a healthy gladiator to do the
deed in a champion way.  They, and you, will be proud of their

A too domesticated cat will not work.  Get one that has been outside
or has been raised outside.  Not an indoor or apartment cat.

Just some cat advice that will work for years if you invest a couple
months at the start.

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