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Re: To cut or not to cut

To: "Douglas Shook" <>
Subject: Re: To cut or not to cut
From: Douglas Shook <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 13:12:21 -0800
"Michael D. Porter" wrote:
> I would only add that one should _thoroughly_ clean the hubs out and
> regrease after having the rotors turned--it's very easy for small chips
> to stick in the grease and eventually find their way into the bearings.
> For those who want best results and longest bearing life, be sure to use
> a waterproof grease with a temperature rating suitable for use with disc
> brakes (this is usually a grease with a liquefaction point of about 500
> deg. F).

Some very astute advice from Michael -- thanks.  I guess another
reason why I am so inclined to turn the rotors on this particular
car is that they are "floating" rotors, separate from the actual
hubs. They basically are just discs clamped between the hub and
the road wheel by tightening the lugs nuts.  Once the wheel is
removed, and the caliper is released (held only by two large Torx
bolts), the rotors will just slide off the lugs.

This makes removal much easier, of course, than with the rotor
cast with hub arrangement, and also one does not need to open the
hub (the hub remains intact on the spindle once the rotor is
removed) and expose the bearings.

I guess Chevrolet knew these brakes were high-maintenance items,
and gave us a "break" as far as removal and replacement. 


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