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Re: Safety Chains Was: Build it yourself Car Trailer

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Subject: Re: Safety Chains Was: Build it yourself Car Trailer
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:21:14 -0500
I always cross the chains as well.  I learned this while in the Army and it
has saved me once when a hitch came off the ball.

Also note, make sure that you kept the ball well lubricated and clean of

And yes, it's a sweet trailer! 8>)


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"Richard Boyce" <> wrote:
> I sent some pictures to Inch and he was kind enough to post them on his
> site. His site address is  Look under library to see
> pics.

Very nice trailer.  I wish mine was that good.

I noticed in the first picture that the safety chains were connected
"straight" between
the trailer and the hitch.  I had a very wise man teach me to cross the
chain - i.e. the
chain from the right side of the trailer connects to the left side of the
truck's hitch, and
the left to the right.  The idea is that the chains can be "tighter" (you
don't have to leave
as much slack to allow for the turning angle between the truck and
trailer), and most
importantly, the chains "catch" the trailer's tongue should the hitch
break.  Basically,
the "X" the chains make under the tongue will keep the tongue from hitting
the ground
(and digging in and maybe flipping) because the chain supports the tongue
and you can
keep control of the whole rig.

Any body else use this technique?  I know it works for me, and my chains
never bind,
and they also never drag on the ground...

Tim Mullen

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