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metal bender information -solution found

Subject: metal bender information -solution found
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 06:47:54 -0600
Fellow benders,

Our friend Brian Reynolds suggested that I call H.F. Customer Service...
duh ???  why didn't I think of that ??  ANYWAY a call and a few minutes on
hold got me in touch..  As soon as I mentioned the model number the rep
says " "You're not pleased with the instruction manual, are you??".  I
hadn't even told him my problem yet...

Evidently they have had this call before.   He faxed me a 37 page manual
that gives much more detail and some plans for letter bending and
ornamental stuff...  MUCH better...

There are some strong admonitions on the cover about reproduction being
strictly forbidden without express written
permission...blah...blah..blah...  I'm going to call H.F. again and ask
about posting on my site...   but if a copy just fell off my desk into an
envelope which inadvertently got mailed....this might not be seen as
'intentional' would it"???????

My other question is  "why do you have to call to get this book..???"
seem the liability alone would warrant them including it in the first
place... There are two and one half pages of warnings and precautions in
this book...someone must be concerned enough to print it... why not
distribute it without being asked for it...

Again .... this group is great !!   Especially as pointing out the obvious
solutions to some of the more thick headed members....   "call customer
service"   I should have thought of that !  :-(


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