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RE: Table Saw Height

Subject: RE: Table Saw Height
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 11:36:07 -0600

I'd love to see those JPGs of your design. I am just about to start that
design project myself. 

Does the ShopTalk system have an upload area for the pictures?


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I'm 6' 5" and for the previously mentioned workbench I am designing and
building, I decided on a 40" height. It is a
compromise between being able to work standing without stooping, and working
sitting on an adjustable height "secretary's"
chair. The Ultimate Garage recommends that
you build a two step workbench, one for standing
and one for sitting, but I just don't have the wall space.

Would anyone have an appropriate web page that I could post jpgs of my
workbench design when I am done?

Jon Rush

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