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Re: Driveway surface

Subject: Re: Driveway surface
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 12:40:09 -0500
robert c Nogueira wrote:

> I need to surface a driveway  going to a car storage building that I am
> planning to build this spring. Concrete is out of  my budget range and
> asphalt is very uncommon for residential use in Texas ( WHY?).
If you mean "bituminous concrete" - the black tar stuff, I have a good idea why 
it is not used in Texas - when the sun beats down on it in 110 degree weather, 
it turns very soft and oozes oil. It is OK for us Yankees but not for the 

> My experience with  pea gravel is that it moves around too much when a
> car
> drives over it .
> Any suggestions for a surface which will not wash always?
I use 1" cut stone. It won't go anywhere, but you don't want to have to sit or 
kneel on it (or drop a small screw!). When it snows, I can't plow it like do 
dirt road - I have to keep the blade up or it scatters stones all over the 
place. But it drains well and stays in place pretty much.

> I remember a thread here about using  a concrete mix without the need for
> reinforcement. Anyone got details on that system?
I remember an article in a magazine suggesting a 25% or so mix of concrete and 
dirt would work for a surface that doesn't get serious ice and snow or heavy 
traffic. You would mix it just like regular concrete and handle it accordingly. 
I have never tried it.

> Any  other suggestions ?
> Bob  ( Who doesn't want to be an old stuck in the mud )


Mike Sloane
Allamuchy NJ

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