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Re: Driveway surface

Subject: Re: Driveway surface
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 16:14:16 -0500
BLO & Kerosene.  Mix 1:1 and broom/roller over the concrete on a warm day - 
needs heat to work.  Kerosene will allow BLO to penetrate and then 
evaporates and BLO will "congeal" back together.  Needs to be re-applied 
(same mixture) every other year, depending on usage...

The mixture is adjusted to a higher kerosene percentage for older concrete, 
less porous concrete, etc...

At 15:06 2/4/2001,  Elton Clark was inspired to say:

> > I remember a thread here about using  a concrete mix without the need for
> > reinforcement. Anyone got details on that system?
>Coincidentally, I just received an "American Concrete Institute" catalog
>sent me by George Dausch IV.  In it is listed "State of the Art Report on
>Soil Cement".  This is the method by which cement is rototilled into
>existing soil to form a paving or flooring structure . . There are rules
>about how much cement per cubic yard of soil depending on the soil type,
>etc.  They used in Nam to build runways I understand.  I haven't ordered the
>report but I note that it is available online for $19.50 from
>  .    A local did a hanger floor in this method years
>ago successfully but he had to seal the surface to retard dust.  I think he
>used boiled linseed oil for sealant.


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