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RE: Router table recommendations and brain teaser.

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Subject: RE: Router table recommendations and brain teaser.
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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:18:08 -0600

An Idea I'm going to try is to build the router table into the extension
table of my table saw.  I need to fill in that space anyway and rather than
buy the parts from Sears, I'm going to use particleboard covered with
Formica.  That way the router table won't take up any additional space and I
can use the table saw fence for the router table.


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Subject: Router table recommendations and brain teaser.

Hi all,

I'm headed down to Sears this weekend to pick up a router table; a
small one that I can hook up my router to and clamp down to my
workbench (I have no room to store a full-size one).  I'm not looking
for anything too fancy.  I just want to be able to cut some channels
in 1x4 to hold glass (to essentially make framed glass doors) and some
rabbeted (sp?) joints.  It'd be used infrequently.

I'm guessing the heavier the unit is, the better (for rigidity), and
the longer the fence, the more accurate.  Other than that, what else
would there be to look for?  And where else to check besides Sears?
Probably Home Depot?

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