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nut/bolt/small part storage

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Subject: nut/bolt/small part storage
From: "JOHN A NIOLON" <jniolon@WANS.NET>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 19:17:43 -0600
Being as cheap as the next guy...probably...
here's a suggestion... years ago before computers people actually kept paper
files.. look around the old office supply stores and look for letter files.. I
bought two cabinets with 30 drawers each... they are metal cabinets same gauge
as file cabinet metal.. The drawers are 9x11 and about 2.5 in deep..The have a
nice heavy pull and a label holder on the front.  Each drawer is easily
removable  I stacked one cabinet over the other and used mending plated to
hold them together.. two on the back and one one each side... so now I have
one cabinet approx 7 feet tall with 60 drawers.  I made dividers for the
nut/bolt drawers out of 1/4" plywood dividing most drawers into 6 sections...
Total cost was 10.00...not counting the cost of the plywood...  I wish I could
find 4 more.  It takes up one foot by three feet of floor space and holds
hundreds of pounds of buy I ever made...  If I think of it I'll
take a pic and post on my web site...

For the lighter stuff...  small nuts and bolts, wire nuts, solder, torch
parts, soap stone, cabinet hardware.. I buy the 18 drawer plastic hickey when
I can find them on sale for 9.99 at Big Lots...  Home Depot and K-mart sell
them for 19.99 most times...the drawers are roughly 4x6x2 and hold a good
amount..  I currently have about10 screwed to the wall with no sagging
problems... but each one probably has less than 10 pounds in it...  with a
label maker... I've yet to lose something I've put away so I don't lose it...

$.02 from


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