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RE: Router table/saw extension.

Subject: RE: Router table/saw extension.
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 17:12:20 -0600
Inch asked:
"Any ideas on the following?

1-What table saw should I get? (<$1000)
2-Any ideas for mounting the shaper table just like a router?
3-Does anyone have any ideas on way this type of combo isn't a good idea?"

#1 is easy. The only great saw under $1000 is the Grizzly G1023S cabinet
saw. Current selling price is $795 + $68 shipping to your door. See more at:

Every review has raved about this saw. I was at their showroom in MO and it
sure looks like a great value.

I have the same shaper as you (I think, it is about 9x15 and a fair amount
of cast iron). The weight will be the only problem compared to a router.

Mark V.S. in Austin, TX

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