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Re: fixing sealed double-paned windows

Subject: Re: fixing sealed double-paned windows
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:52:26 -0500
Most, if not all, double pane windows have nitrogen (or some other gas) between
the glass under slight pressure. That is what prevents the condensation. Once
that leaks out, no matter how dry the air you have in them, they will still fog
up. I agree with Stuart that it is unlikely that you can get them back to their
original condition.


Stuart MacMillan wrote:

> Boy, as my house hits 20 years old and the warranty on these d**n things
> expires they are all starting to go.  I've got four that have completely
> failed now, and the word is replacement is the only solution.  $$$$$
> I'm thinking of throwing some baseballs through some of them to get some
> insurance help on this!  The only way they could be fixed is to cut the
> glass off the frame (90% chance you will break the glass), remove the
> desiccant inside the frame and replace it, and then try to re seal the
> edge with something that is not permeable to water vapor, which lets
> out silicon caulks.  A virtually impossible task.
> I don't think that there is any way around total replacement as the only
> realistic fix.
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> Stuart MacMillan
> Seattle
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Mike Sloane
Allamuchy NJ

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