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Subject: Re: General building question
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 20:24:57 -0500
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Subject: RE: General building question

> > Tell me again why you don't just put in an ordinary overhead
> > garage door.
> You mean an up and over type thing? Errrm, good question. Mainly because
> it needs to be high enough to get the jcb in, and then it would hit a
> car on the lift,

If your shop is that high, the door can go straight up.  It is not written
that the door must curve over at the top of the opening, or at all.

> but also because theres a major security problem with
> the barn being in the middle of a field with no power for an alarm etc.
> The doors that I make will be heavy, but strong. Hopefully.

How are you going to lock them?

> In my experience up and over doors are not very secure against even a
> basic crowbar type attack.

The certainly can be, but you have to walk out via another door.  I suggest
that that other door be a pre-hung steel exterior door with a jimmy-proof
lock.  Replace the regular screws in the lock-plate and the hinges with long
screws going all the way into the studs.  Don't forget to shim between the
studs and the door frame.

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