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Re: hydraulic floor jack problem

To: "Duncan, Brian" <bduncan@molbio.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Re: hydraulic floor jack problem
From: Bill Rabel <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:19:39 -0800
>       Hi guys...
>       I've got a craftsman 2.5 ton floor jack... yesterday I noticed a 
> small
> leak/puddle under it... more later... and now it won't lift a load full
> height.. I'm thinking blown seal... can this be rebuilt ?? kits 
> available ??
> easy for a rookie to do ???

Unless the jack is a really expensive one, or if it has sentimental 
value, just give it away and buy a new one. Harbor Freight and Northern 
Tool can probably fix you up for half what repairing the jack would 

And I don't care WHOSE name is on it; I don't go under the car until 
the jack stands are in place.

- Bill Rabel
   Wet Spot Garage

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