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RE: Pouring a garage floor

Subject: RE: Pouring a garage floor
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 13:23:29 -0600
With only 4" of concrete, rebar will not be a huge advantage over mesh. Rebar 
wired together into a 6"-12" grid is appropriate. 

Remember, concrete is simply a form of composite construction. The cement hold 
together the hard and brittle rocks. A steel reinforcement holds together 
larger pieces. Cement/concrete has great compressive strength but it is 
brittle. The rebar or mesh, when it is put into the lower half of the concrete, 
puts much of the concrete into compression, which makes for a stronger floor.

Mark V.S. in Austin, TX

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> You will get floor cracks if you don't reinforce, so you'll want something 
> in the concrete. But you can just get the 6" square reinforcing mesh if you 
> don't intend to drive on it. 

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This is just in the attached shop area, not the garage where the cars are.  I 
will probably be able to bring in a long-term project car at some time in the 
future, but it would be limited in size to say an MG Midget, and it would 
probably not be whole, because it would be a project!  

Do you think a grid of re-bar is a better way to go?  What spacing?  I really 
don't want to go to the expense of more than 4" of concrete.

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