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Re: Cars & titles

To: Don Tiana <>,
Subject: Re: Cars & titles
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 14:06:45 -0800
Personally, I don't do favors for people who don't trust me with a car title

Just kidding.

Any real estate escrow agent can do this, though I don't know what they'd

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From: "Don Tiana" <>
Subject: Cars & titles

> I have an interesting situation developing here and I'd appreciate some
> advice, please.
> As a favor, I took on the responsibility of selling a car located here in
> California for the owner in Florida. Now here's what I'm concerned
> about; The car owner doesn't want to just turn over the title to me, they
> want me to find an escrow type business for cars that would hold the
> title and payment and deliver each to the appropriate parties when the
> deal is finalized. My question is: is this the norm anywhere, because
> I've never heard of it before and if it is done can anyone recommend
> a company in Los Angeles (Calabasas) area that does it. TIA.

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