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Re: AOL blocking

To: Nolan Penney <>
Subject: Re: AOL blocking
From: Shannah Miller <>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 10:59:31 -0700
Nolan Penney wrote:
> Third, and this is scary, it's able to turn on the power supply to my
> computer, boot up the computer, send the messages, turn the computer
> back off, and throw the breaker to the off position again!  That's a
> terrifyingly powerful virus!!! 
This is an interesting point.  I think it must be some
sort of forgery - mailing out pretending to be you when
it really isn't.

Thank you for scanning your machine for viruses.  I have
done the same, thinking that maybe my machine, which has
been acting really flaky lately, was the problem.

I'm pretty awful at reading headers, but if I get another
one, I'll see if I can figure out what IP address it's
coming from: maybe it can be tracked down that way.


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