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Re: AOL blocking

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Subject: Re: AOL blocking
From: "Nolan Penney" <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 07:21:44 -0400
Yes, my post was a tongue in cheek post.  Truly, I am aware that viruses
and worms are not capable of reaching out of my computer screen and
flipping on mechanical switches (rolling of the eyes).

About the safety of majordomo, don't count on it.  I've had several
infected messages have come through it.  The worm or virus was hidden in
the body of the message itself, and not as an attachment.  I didn't see
it until I used a hex editor, or in some cases a simple text editor, to
examine the message.  In which case what was a small message suddenly
becomes very large, when the hidden text or codes were revealed.  Not
sure about the viability of a worm or virus transmitted thusly.

It's a funny worm that's picked up my address and the shop-talk
address.  Seems to rotate slowly through a list of names.  Currently,
I'm getting fake messages of the same type from Kelowna instead of me or
shop-talk.  In fact, I'm not sure it's a worm at all.  The messages I've
checked were all coming from the isp  But it's through a
series of relays.  Useful for the offshore spammers, but an odd
application in this case.

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