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RE: Wheel Balancers/Mounters

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Subject: RE: Wheel Balancers/Mounters
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 00:40:02 -0700
> Also, on the low budget end, has anyone used this...

I use a similar unit, it works OK as long as the rim has a true, round
center hole.  Some don't.  I had a terrible shimmy in my motorhome even
after spin balancing; cured by using a bubble balancer that engages the lug
bolt holes instead of the center hole.

> And this...

That looks like the exact unit(s) sold by Harbor Freight,

HF sometimes has them on sale ... the tire changer was $45 when I traded
some car parts to a friend for mine.  It works, sorta, but sometimes it's a
hassle.  It's only "portable" in the sense it doesn't weigh much, it has to
be bolted firmly to a solid surface as you'll be prying against it with most
of your weight and a 6' bar.  You'll also need a 15' or so diameter circle
of free floor space around it.  I put anchors into the center of my garage
floor, then when I'm through playing with tires I remove the changer and
store it away.

I've already broken mine once, HF would not replace it ... "it's not a hand
tool and only hand tools are guaranteed".  But, the low tech repair I did
has worked so far.  Maybe if it breaks again, it'll be the impetus I need to
actually buy a welder.

You'll still need lots of other things of course : bead lubricant &
applicator (I use 50/50 Simple Green/water in a spray bottle), valve stem
tools, tire expander (I use a ratcheting tie down strap), etc.


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