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Back to parking lifts: steps one and two taken

To: "Shop-Talk Talk" <>
Subject: Back to parking lifts: steps one and two taken
From: "Marknsuz" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:59:33 -0800
Hi all.  Just a quick note to say that having followed what's been said here 
i went out and bought one.  Step one was picking and ordering, two was 
getting it off the truck and into the garage.

I bought one from RB Wholesale.  They are in Southern California.  $1895 
delivered.  Model D-7, labelled Dannmar Industries.

Getting it off the delivery truck was a whole lot easier than I had feared. 
The unit arrived with a roughly two foot square welded angle iron frame on 
each end.  The rails were bolted to this, top and bottom.  The rest of the 
parts were metal strapped into the space between.  As I don't have access to 
a forklift or loaded I ran a chain around one end of the lift package and 
connected it to my little pickup, loose enough so that the load could swing 
behind the truck.  I dragged it out of the truck until the far end was 
resting on the liftgate of the truck, the end on my truck still swinging. 
Lowered the liftgate, backed my truck back a little, and it was on the 
ground.  And yes, I tipped the driver well, as I was supposed to have 
something powered to unload with (and he helped alot with positioning).

It's all in my garage now; I'll write again after I assemble it.  If anyone 
wants to see how it goes together and practice on one I'm in Sebastopol, CA 
(but not holding my breath).

Mark Miller 

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