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Subject: shelving
From: "john niolon" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 07:20:17 -0600
I agree with Nolan... cheaper overall to just buy some and install.....The 
metal ones he mentioned are great..just put in 6 sets this weekend for 
son-in-law's office/storage.  Flexible and easy to deal with...Mine were 
2'x4'x6' some alteration would be needed in your case. ... easily done 
with a chop saw, angle grinder or hacksaw. (Man, I haven't used my hacksaw 
in a loooong time !)  I'd also suggest going with plywood over pressboard if 
you have dampness to deal with.  The pressboard will just swell and sag 
eventually and hold moisture... plywood will hold up better.  BUT...even 
though they are stable and with light weight stuff on them, I'd still try to 
get an anchor point on a floor joist or something...just to be safe

Another alternative to steel is the plastic/resin/mystery material that 
Lowe's and H.D. sell all bundled up together. Usually 5 shelf units. 
Waterproof, rustproof and while they come 'fixed' in height you can cut the 
uprights between each shelf to adjust your vertical limitations or just 
leave off a section... depending on how many you can install you might come 
up with a shorter 2 or 3 shelf section just from the tops and legs you left 
off... they're good for a bout 200#s per shelf  from Lowes... dark gray and 
I've got 4 sets of these in MY garage for yard/garden 'stuff'


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