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replacing kitchen sink faucet... if it was easy...?

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Subject: replacing kitchen sink faucet... if it was easy...?
From: "john niolon" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 17:29:32 -0600
Valve in my one handle kitchen sink faucet set is bad and won't let the hand 
sprayer work...(it's all one piece with no separate diverter valve).  So I 
figure, buy the kit... 15 minutes and I'm spraying like a kitchen pro... 
well if it was easy, your granny could do it...

Gathered tools and started to remove handle...  there's a set screw behind 
the handle toward the back splash on a funky angle... insert Allen wrench 
and turn gently, confidently feeling the little pot metal set screw's 
internal edges round off nicely.  Seems 14 years of water/soap/lotion/ 
kitchen goo dripping down the handle and filling in that little set screw 
have rendered it useless... it's either aluminum or pot metal cause the 
metal residue left on the Allen wrench was light gray dust.

So now I'm left with replacing the whole unit... unless you wise and 
experienced gentlemen can come up with a way to loosen/remove this dreaded 
piece of metal.  It's about 1.5" from the back splash to the handle so 
drilling is out...I don't even have room to drive a flat blade screwdriver 
blade down in there and turn it out with pliers...  there's not enough room 
to do anything but cuss it ...with a mirror and a flashlight...

any suggestions... before I head to Lowe's and spend a hundred bucks on a 
replacement ??  Oh..and anyone need a replacement valve for a Sears faucet 
set ???


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