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Re: replacing kitchen sink faucet... if it was easy...?

To: john niolon <>
Subject: Re: replacing kitchen sink faucet... if it was easy...?
From: Dave & M <>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 18:35:44 -0700
Hi John,

I would just remove the entire faucet assembly from the sink. Then you 
can get it out where you can work on the screw, or if necessary, put in 
a new faucet. You have to remove it in either case.

Dave Russell

john niolon wrote:
> Valve in my one handle kitchen sink faucet set is bad and won't let the hand 
> sprayer work...(it's all one piece with no separate diverter valve).  So I 
> figure, buy the kit... 15 minutes and I'm spraying like a kitchen pro... 
> well if it was easy, your granny could do it...
> Gathered tools and started to remove handle...  there's a set screw behind 
> the handle toward the back splash on a funky angle... insert Allen wrench 
> and turn gently, confidently feeling the little pot metal set screw's 
> internal edges round off nicely.  Seems 14 years of water/soap/lotion/ 
> kitchen goo dripping down the handle and filling in that little set screw 
> have rendered it useless... it's either aluminum or pot metal cause the 
> metal residue left on the Allen wrench was light gray dust.
> So now I'm left with replacing the whole unit... unless you wise and 
> experienced gentlemen can come up with a way to loosen/remove this dreaded 
> piece of metal.  It's about 1.5" from the back splash to the handle so 
> drilling is out...I don't even have room to drive a flat blade screwdriver 
> blade down in there and turn it out with pliers...  there's not enough room 
> to do anything but cuss it ...with a mirror and a flashlight...
> any suggestions... before I head to Lowe's and spend a hundred bucks on a 
> replacement ??  Oh..and anyone need a replacement valve for a Sears faucet 
> set ???
> thanks
> John

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