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Re: [Shop-talk] Running a building costs, 6k ft^2 block garage

To: Mark Andy <>,
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Running a building costs, 6k ft^2 block garage
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 19:00:29 -0500
Lots of good advice so far, except I hate unvented heaters.  I really 
don't want to be breathing in what they put out.  As for keeping it 
above freezing, I agree.  Not winterizing the motor home makes me 
nervous, though.  Around here, you never know when there's going to 
be an ice storm or something that leaves power out for days.  I guess 
you have to balance the likelihood of such a thing against the amount 
of damage that would be caused.  I suppose if you're sure you'll be 
around, you could always do an "emergency winterization" if you keep 
some RV antifreeze around.  Or maybe you'd just fire it up and live in it!

-Steve Trovato

At 05:49 PM 1/5/2010, Mark Andy wrote:
>But I'd like to keep the storage area above freezing (which means no 
>need to winterize the motorhome, easier starting for the tractor, etc.)
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