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Re: [Shop-talk] On line discount Rx?

To: Randall <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] On line discount Rx?
From: "Elton E. (Tony) Clark" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 17:29:32 -0600
*I had about the same experience as Randall but my drug insurance provider,
Humana, made the suggestions which I then cleared with my doc . . one BP med
dropped 40 bucks a month.*

On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 4:13 PM, Randall <> wrote:

> > However, a lot (ok, nearly all) the web
> > sites for
> > discount internet pharmacies look kind of scary.  Any
> > recommendations?
> What I did was to get the list of low cost prescription drugs available
> from
> Costco, Wal-Mart,  K-mart and Target.  My prescriptions were not on the
> list, but I found some drugs that were in the same family and were on the
> list.  Called my doctor with that information and asked if the cheaper
> drugs
> would work for me.  He said "Yes", so my cost dropped from roughly
> $60/month
> (and going up every month) to about $20/month.  And the BP cuff confirms
> they work just as well.
> BTW, my MD had absolutely no idea which ones were cheaper.  I had
> previously
> asked for a generic, which turned out to be even more expensive than the
> name brand he prescribed in the first place.
> -- Randall
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