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[Shop-talk] Hot Water Heater 'Heat Trap'

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Hot Water Heater 'Heat Trap'
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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 23:29:43 -0600
My daughter is having a problem with her Rudd electric water heater. The
flow of hot water has slowed to a dribble at all the faucets.  I went over
and checked things out and the first problem was the Home builder ( 6 year
old house) installed the water heater backwards, the cold water coming into
the HOT labeled outlet and the Hot water coming out the Cold labeled outlet.

  I swapped them but only a small increase in pressure. The drain at the
bottom of the tank appears to have pretty good pressure so I figure the
problem is in the out side of the heater.
  Checking out the web for suggestions I read about 'Heat Traps' that are
now installed (because Uncle Sam likes them) on both inlet and outlets.
   When I was switching the lines I did not notice anything in the pipes but
then I really wasn't looking for anything.

So my questions,  can these 'Heat Traps' be removed from the heater?  Is it
possible the heat trap is located lower in the pipe?  What's the best way to
get to it?

Bob Nogueira
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