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Re: [Shop-talk] cove (or 'dish') style cut on a piece of wood.

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] cove (or 'dish') style cut on a piece of wood.
From: Randall via Shop-talk <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2019 13:07:33 -0800
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Hmm, looks like the list server is stuttering again.  I got Phil's reply,
but not the original post.

Anyway, if you had some way to guide the piece, I might try doing the table
saw trick.  But it would have to be a very shallow cut, repeated several
times to get 1/2" depth.  A good carbide wood blade will cut sideways, but
only to the depth of the carbide inserts.

Probably also not that hard to rig a wood lathe with the swing you need.
Maybe mount a cheap bench grinder so one end hangs off the edge of the bench
(giving you somewhere around 7' of swing) and drive the other end.  Main
difficulty with that is setting up the belt (or gear) train to turn it
slowly enough.  I've got a DC motor from an old treadmill that would
probably do the job, combined with a decent (load sensing) electronic speed

-- Randall 
56 TR3 TS13571L once and future daily driver
71 Stag LE1473 - awaiting engine rebuild
71-2-3 Stag - awaiting gearbox rebuild 


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