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Re: [Shop-talk] Impact wrenches (heavy duty)

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Impact wrenches (heavy duty)
From: Arvid Jedlicka via Shop-talk <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 13:49:16 -0600
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<div id="_htmlarea_default_style_" style="font:10pt 
arial,helvetica,sans-serif">I happen to have the Milwaukee 18 Fuel. As 
previously mentioned, it is
a little bulky but gets the job done.<br><br>As far as 'too much torque' 
...<br><br>I have other tools that I will use if I want to subtly sneak up on
a fastener and gently remove it from its resting place without damaging the 
surroundings. This device pretty much guarantees you will shortly have all
[or at least part] of the fastener in you hand and does not care what it has to 
break to accomplish that goal.<br><br>Most of the time I choose
wisely, but occasionally ... <br><br>On Mon, 25 Feb 2019 09:42:39 -0800<br> 
Mike Rambour via Shop-talk &lt;; wrote:<br>&gt;
<br>&gt; &nbsp;Is there such a thing as too much torque&nbsp; ?<br>&gt; 
<br>&gt; &nbsp;Based on suggestion earlier in this thread I am looking at the
Milwaukee 18 Fuel and some reviews have said for <br>&gt;normal car work this 
is too much torque, I can't imagine there is such a thing, once broken
loose there is no torque <br>&gt;and if I want it off, I want it off NOW, I 
don't want to have to get my blue wrench out.&nbsp; I have a IR2131 and
there <br>&gt;has been some things it no longer removes that it happily removed 
when it was 20 or so years younger.<br>&gt; <br>&gt;
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; mike<br>&gt; <br><br><br></div>

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