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Re: Spit Soft Tops

To: Brad Kahler <Brad.Kahler@141.com>
Subject: Re: Spit Soft Tops
From: Vic Whitmore <vicwhit@idirect.com>
Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 08:29:47 -0400
Brad, I got an Amco top last year and it worked out just fine.

Vic Whitmore
76 Triumph Spitfire
Thornhill, Ontario

Brad Kahler wrote:
> Well listers,
> Its time for me to buy a soft top for my Mk1.  I've reached a point
> where I want to drive the car more but the weather here in Nebraska
> this time of year is to unpredictable.  Does any one have any
> favorite brand they would like to share with me or recommend ones to
> stay away from.  At the moment I'm thinking of an Amoco from
> spitbits.
> Brad  (In Lincoln Nebraska 402-464-1502)
> 1964 Spitfire4            BFC25720L (In "Teething" Mode right now)
> 1966 TR4A                CT72398L (Car is finally home and ready for 
> 1951 Dodge Truck    82217766  B-3-B-108 (Frame back in garage and ready to 

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