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Re: Poor Nigel

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Subject: Re: Poor Nigel
From: "Laura G." <savercool@email.msn.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 15:58:34 -0700
What? You and the spit aren't Scotch-Guarded? <w>

Maybe, we could start with some sort of west coast meeting?

Laura G. and Nigel-who is at the doctors at this very moment!
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Date: Saturday, October 17, 1998 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: Poor Nigel

>Thanks for thinking of me.  Flying would probably be a good idea (if I can
>even make it) because even with the top up it could get a little wet.
>David Gates
>'73 Spitfire 1500
>'78 Spitfire 1500
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>>  Date: 10/17/98 8:51:50 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
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>>  Listers-
>>  You guys are so great! I got so many nice notes regarding our little
>>  accident (emphasis on DENT)
>>  The prognosis is good-Nigel is going in for some "rhinoplasty" today and
>>  should be recovered quite quickly. He appreciates your messages.
>>  I'm still a stressed out wreck-but a weekend off the road, vegging out
>>  Errol Flynn movies should take care of that!
>>  Next weekend, we'll be at Triumphest! I'm borrowing a digital camera
>>  Dave-so I should be able to send photos with my trip report! So, keep a
>>  lookout!
>>  Thanks again for everything-I hope we all get to meet someday-hey! Why
>>  we organize our own little "drive-in/meet" sometime? (David Gates-you
>>  fly in-we'll all share our spits!)
>>  Later,
>>  Laura G. and Nigel

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