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Re: identifying early Spit cranks?

To: "James Carpenter" <jc_carpenter@softhome.net>,
Subject: Re: identifying early Spit cranks?
From: "Ron and Angie" <nottingham@alltel.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:48:21 -0400
James Carpenter wrote:
>Oh and if you put a 1500 9:1 head on a 1300 you get 7.8:1.

The 1500's compression of 9:1 is not a result of the head!  It is the result
of different pistons!  I can take a stock head from a 74 1500 or an 80 1500
and the compression will still be 9:1 on the 76 1500 engine in my car.  I
can take the same head that is on my engine and place it on a 74 engine or
an 80 engine and the compression will be 7.5:1.

Ron and Angie - Dalton, Ga
84 300ZX Turbo    77 Spitfire (with the high-compression 76 engine)
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