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Re: Miata

To: spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Miata
From: Growe58@aol.com
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 09:35:36 EST
In a message dated 3/19/99 11:18:08 PM EST, savercool@msn.com writes:
>  P.S.-i.e.-the same kind of people who would buy a convertible with a/c;
>  the kind of people who actually put the top down-but leave the windows up!
>  (Don't even get me started on those wussy air screens Mercedes have in the
>  back!)
I always figured that if weather conditions dictated a choice of top up or top
windows up, go for the latter.  BTW, top down/windows up creates a fierce
for some reason passenger side window only up seems to be actually better.

As far as the "wussy air screens" go, I built my own out of pvc piping and
screen.  Once I knew they existed, I just "had" to build one - some sort of
Field of Dreams-like personality failing, I guess.  I experimented with it for
a while - it came
in real handy one frosty December night when me and the missus bundled up to
look at Christmas lights - but frankly it's an aesthetic nightmare.  And the
little voice
inside my head - should I be admitting to this? - keeps telling me "if you
want a
serene cockpit, why don't you just get a Buick and be done with it?"

Anybody else out there who's tried a draft deflector aka wussy air screen and
to publicly admit it?  Also is there anybody else out there listening to the
little voice
inside their head and willing to publicly admit it?  (Boy, am I flapping in
the wind or


78 Spit (daily driver)
72 Spit (someday...sigh...someday)

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