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RE: Gearbox questions

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Subject: RE: Gearbox questions
From: "James Gambony" <BritBits@tiu.net>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 23:01:49 -0500

The post '74 Spitfires (20 spline input) can be a bear to get to line up....
took three hours with the '76 drivetrain I dropped in my '73.  That was
with:  a friend who's used to working on British cars, the proper clutch
alignment tool, a cherry picker engine lift and the engine on the garage
floor.  That was reusing all the original parts (just wanted to make sure
the clutch still had lining).

The three rail trans (74 and older) is a different story.. can get them
swapped in about two hours start to finish with a semi-skilled assistant.
So much for progress, eh?

There are some special tools that are needed to properly
dissasemble/reassemble the Spitfire gearbox...  a local non-specialist may
be able to do the job.. make sure they have a good warranty!


Too many dollars in my lbcs... and not enough sense!

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> Subject: Gearbox questions
> Hi Listers!
> As I think I mentioned in a previous posting, the gearbox on my Spit
> 1500 packed in this morning.  I'm currently trying to decide whether I
> should replace it myself, or have a garage do it for me, and I'd welcome
> any input from the list as to how easy/difficult it is to do, bearing in
> mind that I'm not a mechanic but I'm quite happy to get my hands dirty.
> If I do decide to go to the garage, it won't be an LBC garage - the car
> won't make it!  There's a gearbox shop just down the road from me that
> I'm sure I'll be able to get to.  Is there any info I should give them
> about Triumph gearboxes, or should I just let them get on with it?
> Dean Dashwood
> '77 Spit 1500 (fine, so long as you only want to move in 2nd gear)

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