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RE: English Or Irish? OT Joke.....

To: "Gregory W. Smith" <gsmith@cvn.net>
Subject: RE: English Or Irish? OT Joke.....
From: "Bill Miller" <millerb@netusa1.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 21:49:41 -0500
Gregory, if you are running Microsoft outlook, you can automatically
redirect to another folder (other than the inbox) right now without the
extra subject tag.  Email me off list if you want me to tell you how.  I do
that so my inbox isn't so cluttered.


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Sent: Sunday, August 22, 1999 9:26 PM
To: Michael Thomas; Spitfires
Subject: RE: English Or Irish? OT Joke.....

I, for one, prefer the text-based email system, since it works on "lowest
common denominator" hardware and software, is storable for long-term use,
and is accessible offline (depending on your email client)

The only change I wold make is to request a unique string in the titles, so
that newer email software can sort the messages and/or redirect them.
Perhaps [Spitlist] or some such. Even a short [SPITS] would be fine, as long
as we can agree on it and be consistent.

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Sent: Friday, August 20, 1999 10:46 PM
To: Spitfires
Subject: Re: English Or Irish? OT Joke.....

I guess I missed this discussion -- working on finishing my thesis for
school, broke my "mouse" finger at work, left the mail for a few days, and
all of a sudden I have 400+ messages to go through.

I have a question:
How many people are using old text-based mailing as their only means of
internet access?

What I am getting at:
By no means am I in any way disrespecting the list -- I am extremely happy
with the assistance I have received from it; it is an excellent source for
info, encouragement and support, but the messages are overwhelming!

I am curious if there would be interest in someone (i.e. not me!) setting up
a web-based discussion forum.  You take your browser to a site, the
discussion is broken up into different topics, so if you had technical
questions, you would be in a different area than the jokes of the day, etc.
You can avoid stuff that is non-relevant to your purpose, and have a general
discussion area for relaying stories of exploits across the country, blown
engines, etc...

Not knowing the computer experience of most of the listers, perhaps many
haven't seen this type of site before, so if you would like, check out
http://www.rageunderground.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi which is a site I
frequent for help concerning my video card.

Again, I think this resource is great, and I don't want to put anyone out of
the "mailing list" business, but just an idea.  My newtork connection right
now is too slow to support this kind of thing, but maybe some day when I get
cable modem service...

Thanks for your time!

Mike Thomas

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