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Re: Tonneau Cover

To: "Peter S." <alfapete@pacbell.net>, "rhill" <hill@mninter.net>
Subject: Re: Tonneau Cover
From: "jonmac" <jonmac@ndirect.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 01:18:20 +0100

>Now the big question.  How do you pronounce Tonneau?  I've
heard so many
>different ways.
>Peter S

Tonn as in Tom, followed by eau as in Oh - equal inflexion
on both syllables.

>> So the question: Can it be left in place while driving?
(Of course,
>> this does assume that the drivers side is open...)

Absolutely. Nothing like driving it with the driver's side
uncovered on a frosty day, Kleenex to the ready on the
passenger's seat and the heater on full blast! Mind you, air
tempertures are relative. I wouldn't want to do it at
anything less than minus 5 celsius.


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