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RE: Filling a hole

To: "'Jeff McNeal'" <jmcneal@ohms.com>,
Subject: RE: Filling a hole
From: roy martindale <rmartindale@gotrinity.com>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 17:39:57 -0700
Actually, light weight oil pumped through a grease zirk into the exhast 
will do nicely.  It atomizes the oil and the heated exhaust will but it up 
and make it smoke

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I've decided to put an actual smokescreen device in my vehicle like the 
Bond had in the Aston Martin DB5.  The switch will work thusly:  I'll rev
the engine past 4,000 RPM, push the large, chrome plated button and
simultaneously let my foot off the gas to activate the smoke device.  The
ensuing belch of smoke that eminates from my twin Monza exhaust pipes will
choke and disorient any pursuer who gets too close to my tail.  I'm also
going to install a flip-down LCD screen in my drivers' side parcel tray.
This will be for global satellite tracking as well as DVD movies to watch
whenever I find myself on those long, boring straightaways.

Best wishes,

Jeff (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) in San Diego

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> Since this has gotten many responses, I thought I'd bring this up.
> years ago, Pep Boys (and a couple of other places) used to sell fake
> switches, complete with a lettered mount for its function.  Some of the
> available switches were: Ejector seat, Rocket launcher, and Machine guns.
> don't know if they still sell them, but, for those of you looking for the
> idea device to activate during maddening rush hour traffic times (those 
> in L.A. understand this), this might be your answer.  However, neither 
> Boys or I are liable for any consequenses resulting from your ability to
> the switch to actually do what it says.  This notice comes with the
> 5/50 warranty (five seconds or fifty feet, whichever comes first).
>         Michael

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