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Re: Silicone brake fluid identification (limited lbc content)

To: Nolan Penney <npenney@mde.state.md.us>
Subject: Re: Silicone brake fluid identification (limited lbc content)
From: Vic Whitmore <vicwhit@home.com>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 21:24:37 -0400
I have silicon brake fluid in my Spit. It is a light blue color. Hope this

Vic Whitmore
76 Spitfire
Thornhill, Ontario

Nolan Penney wrote:
> To all you silicone brake fluid convertee's, how does one positively identify 
>if the brake fluid in the
> resivour is silicone?  Reason I ask is the 89 Volvo I purchased recently has 
>pretty redish colored
> fluid in it.  I just assumed this was some special Volvo die in regular 
>gylcol based brake fluid.
> But perhaps it's actually silicone, in which case lots of problems would 
>result if I topped it off with
> LMA fluid.  Is there a taste test or something that I can use to 
>differentiate silicone fluid from glycol
> based fluids that are died?
> And if any of you have silicone fluid in an abs equipped car, I'd like to 
>hear about it.  My understanding
> (and the owners manual warning statement) is that silicone brake fluids 
>aren't compatable with
> abs brakes.  Well, I've got abs.

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