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Re: family outing

To: Fred Thomas <vafred@erols.com>, spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: family outing
From: Fred Griffiths <griffco@mail.cadvision.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 19:37:38 -0600
Yes, Fred my wife and I do the former - as in pleasant summer drives especially
in the country.  Sunday was such a day, mine you about 8 deg Celsius in the
morning, but up to 21 by the afternoon.  Great day taking photos for my wife to
paint during the long winter months here in Canada.

As for the latter (ie skulking around alleys etc looking for treasures), I do
that on my own.  Its safer that way.

Why, just today I found a GT6 MK 2 in an alley in my home town I didn't know
about.  It had no bonnet, so the strange V8 (yup V8) engine was clearly
visible.  Seems the guy hasn't worked on it for some time, but looks like its
drivable. Now I know where it is, i'll meet him some time.

What fun.
Cheers, Fred

Fred Thomas wrote:

> O/K I have a fair question, does anybody ever go out for a nice casual drive
> with the wife/friend, or do we "all" go down these back country roads
> looking for another hidden treasure in a barn or under a tarp, not that we
> need another one, it's just that if its there and I have the space, why not.
> Seems the list has come up with a few more than usual "whats it worth"
> lately. Just thinking out loud again  "FT"

Fred & Wendy Griffiths,
Calgary, Canada
mailto: griffco@cadvision.com

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