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RE: Spitfire Brakes

To: "Graziano, Michael" <michael.graziano@csfb.com>,
Subject: RE: Spitfire Brakes
From: Eric Kieboom <ekieboom@xs4all.nl>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:22:27 +0100
At 14:54 13-2-2001 -0500, Graziano, Michael wrote:
>Just don't let her drive it.
>seriously,  I seem to remember someone else having this problem with a
>master cylinder that had some corrosion halfway down.  Well all the way
>down,  but bad corrosion halfway down.  Poor braking until the seal was made
>after the bad corrosion.  
>Sound plausible?

Not really. I think the irregular surface of the corrosion would damage the
seals in no time at all and take away the pumping effect of the MC.

Sounds to me like there's either air in the lines (it doesn't need much air
to feel awful and Spit brake systems are notoriously difficult to bleed) or
the hoses swell up.


Eric Kieboom - The Netherlands
1976 Spit 1500 - Original Java Green

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