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Re: Towing Spitfire in reverse?

To: "BillG" <wrgingerich@qwest.net>, " Spitfires"
Subject: Re: Towing Spitfire in reverse?
From: "MICHAEL C ROSS" <mikeross@Prodigy.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:14:02 -0400
I had towed my GT6 forward on a U-Haul single axle dolly about 300 miles
with no problem.  When I called U-Haul this afternoon to reserve one I was
told they only rent them to tow front wheel drive vehicles.  This was after
asking what I was towing.  They won't allow towing a car backwards either,
but how would they know?  Then I was told that for just $10.00 more I could
rent a two axle dolly ( a low to the ground short auto trailer).  "Great", I
said.  So my concerns have been alleviated.  Last year I had requested a car
transport trailer of any sort and was told they didn't rent them.  Maybe
this is something new.  Anyone else planning to tow there cars should
request one of these.

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions and cautions.


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Subject: Re: Towing Spitfire in reverse?

> Tie the wheel!  It's not worth taking the chance on whether it will track
> properly.  I towed a GT6 backwards on a dolly about 500 miles.  Worked
> BillG
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> Subject: Towing Spitfire in reverse?
> >
> > I've seen a lot of posts re. towing with a dolly causing damage to the
> > differential and tranny.
> > If I towed it tail first with the front wheels on the pavement would
> > the front wheels track correctly by castoring or would I have to
> > somehow lock the steering wheel?  I need to tow one about 600 miles
> > this Friday.
> >
> > TIA,
> >
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