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Re: GT6 vs Spitfire front springs

To: Nolan Penney <npenney@mde.state.md.us>
Subject: Re: GT6 vs Spitfire front springs
From: Joe Curry <spitlist@gte.net>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:16:28 -0700

I understand your need to feel like you are an "EXPERT" on all things Spitfire. 
 But in this case, your posts are counter-productive!

I for one will not be posting any more messages on this subject because it has 
become laughable.  Just as laughable as your assertion that a spring
can be cut with a torch and not have heat travel down the length of the spring. 

The next time you cut a spring while holding it with your bare hands, let me 
know in advance.  I will spend the money to come over there and SEE


Nolan Penney wrote:
> Since there is a shock absorber in the center of the coil spring on a 
>Spitfire, there really is no danger of the spring popping out.  :-)
> Yes, you can have a problem with a spring rubbing against the shock.  This 
>isn't normally a problem with a torch cut spring as the base flattens nicely 
>due to the loss of temper.  But in any case, one can flatten the bottom with a 
>grinder or a torch.  You could even do what Charlie described, using a torch 
>to heat the end and then bending it flat with pliers.
> I am sorry to hear you're posing legitimate questions while not wanting to 
>hear answers.
> >>> Joe Curry <spitlist@gte.net> 02/13/02 01:35PM >>>
> The Spitfire doesn't have a stepped perch.  They are flat on either end.  ANd 
>while you might get away with putting a cut spring that has not been flattened 
>on a Spitfire perch, it will not set right in the perch and most likely will 
>pop out in the center of the coils instead of being centered around the shock.

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