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Re: Conv. Frame causing Seat Damage

To: "theshaggye" <theshaggye@yahoo.com>, <spitfires@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Conv. Frame causing Seat Damage
From: "Jeff McNeal" <jmcneal@ohms.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:58:46 -0700
Don't forget that your seats are "handed".  Even though the early Mk3 lowback
buckets appear identical, they are not.  The wider side of the seatback goes
towards the center.  If a previous owner removed and replaced the seats, which
is very likely if they were ever recovered, and placed them backwards, the
wider portion of the seatback might be on the outside now, causing the problem
you are having.  Just a thought.

It's also possible that after years and years (34 to be specific) of use, the
one-piece seatback frame may have splayed out just enough to widen
sufficiently for the fouling to occur.  Hope this helps.

Take care,

Jeff McNeal (San Diego)

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  Subject: Conv. Frame causing Seat Damage

  Hi all,
  I have a '68 Mk3.  I'm about to start working on
  beautifying the interior, including replacing the seat
  upholstery.  I noticed that both seats have damage on
  the upper outside corners, assumingly caused by the
  inteferrence with the Convertible top frame.  I am
  currently not sure how to eliminate this from
  happening in the future, and I don't want to start the
  seat job till I have so kind of inkling.

  Any suggestions?
  Jamin Mahan
  Milwaukee, WI
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