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Spitfire trailer hitch (UK tow bar) question

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Subject: Spitfire trailer hitch (UK tow bar) question
From: "bschwart@postoffice.pacbell.net"
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 15:46:10 -0400
I finally got the trailer hitch (tow bar for those of you in the UK) from
eBay, which is supposed to fit my Spitfire MK4.  However, I cant for the
life of me figure out how it fits  What I got is simply a tubular bar
(fairly thin judging by the weight) about an inch in diameter that has a
bracket with holes perpendicular to the tubular bar welded on each end
about the width of the rear bumper mounting bolts.  (I assume this is where
it goes -) This bar is bent very slightly (up or down) on each side
starting about 3 or 4 inches from the center.  There is a flat piece,
approx 2inch wide by 3/16 inch thick welded in the center, perpendicular to
the tubular bar and parallel to the holes of two brackets on each end of
the tubular bar.  This flat stock is bent in two places very slightly (like
a stretched Z) to clear something, is about 12 to 14 inches from where it
is welded on to the tubular bar and has a hole in the end that is farthest
from the weld.  Directly through the tubular bar and on either side of the
flat bar, running parallel to the flat bar are two reinforced holes about a
half inch or so in diameter.  Does this sound familiar to anyone, and could
you possibly steer me to who manufactured it so that I might possibly see
if they have a web site or contact them for a little info?  

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