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RE: Spitfire Ignition Problems

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Subject: RE: Spitfire Ignition Problems
From: "Joe & Lowetta" <joe@ados.net>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 23:11:53 -0700
I've never used a whistle like you describe, but I'm thinking it's possible
you have the distributor shaft (and therefore the rotor) 180 degrees off.
Some air will pass through the spark plug hole when you rotate the
crankshaft even if the valves are part way open.  Did you also have the
valve cover off when setting up the distributor?  I always watch the
position of the valves when installing a distributor to be sure it is at TDC
at the end of the compression stroke as opposed to TDC at the end of the
exhaust stroke.  Not sure this has anything to do with why your car won't
run, it's just something to be particularly aware of when installing a

Joe Frakes
'73 Spit 1500 'Peanut'

I lined the rotor up with the number one plug wire in the distributor when
the whistle I used indicated tdc on number one.  I did have the distributor
off, but the rotor is turning at the proper speed when I turned the engine
over by hand.  Two turns of the crank to one turn of the distributor.

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