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Hilarious -- insurance issue

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Subject: Hilarious -- insurance issue
From: "TEGLER,PAUL" <ptegler@cablespeed.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 11:22:30 -0500
Over the weekend I put in a Grundy app. to insure the 
A good $$ rate per year for a good agreed value yes.

Well I just got a response from them coneerning the 
estiamte. Well it turns out since my primary year round 
daily driver is older than the FIS6, they say they can't 
insure it.

...cut and pasted from their email..............
Unfortunately, to be considered, all licensed operators in 
the household must have reliable vehicles for everyday use 
in addition to the collector, that are newer than the 

hhmmm.... well let's see... my daily driver have been on 
the road for over nine years now and has never broken down 
or left me stranded. I think that put's it in the above 
average catagory,m even for todays modern cars.
ha ha....  I wonder what they'd come back with if I said 
my daily driver was a '78 instead of a '73 (and wanted to 
insure the '75)

Paul Tegler

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