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Re: [Spits] cleaning electrical bullet connectors

To: mark.jones@exxonmobil.com, triumphs@autox.team.net,
Subject: Re: [Spits] cleaning electrical bullet connectors
From: Doug Braun <doug@dougbraun.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 16:26:23 -0700 (PDT)
Possibly you could also use a small rifle-cleaning
brush to clean those connectors?

BTW, the metal piece in those 4-way female connector
blocks tends to crack.  I highly recommend replacing
them if there is any indication of an electrical
problem in their circuit.  I've replaced at least half
a dozen over the years in my Spit.  Buy a bunch so you
will always have a few spares on hand.

Doug Braun
'72 Spit

--- mark.jones@exxonmobil.com wrote:

> In terms of cleaning the lucar connector sleeves,
> there is a great lucar
> connector cleaning brush made by GEM Enterprises,
> www.gem-enterprises.net/page3.html.  I have been
> using one of these brushes
> for close to 10 years now on both my Spitfire and
> MGB.  If the lucar
> connector is still in good condition, but just
> dirty, these are the cat's
> meow in my opinion.

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