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Re:Crankshaft Nut

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Subject: Re:Crankshaft Nut
From: Lgowin <Lgowin@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 19:18:27 EST
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My first suggestion is to use an impact wrench.  If that doesn't work, try
this...Put the breaker bar on the nut.  Make sure it is wedged firmly at 90
degree angles and turn the engine over.  Observe the rotation of the engine,
and (obviously) wedge the bar opposite that.  I've never tried this, but I've
heard this from several people on the Alfa Romeo digest.  I have a 71 GTV and
you can't get to the nut easily with air with the engine in the car.
By the way, on my Midget, I dropped the oil pan and wedged a 2x4 between the
crank and the wall of the engine.  Worked like a charm, but it seems you've
tried this.

Lawrence Gowin
71 Midget
65 Midget
71 Alfa Romeo GTV

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