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Re: Chinese junk and being PC

To: "Robert B. Houston" <transerv@sprynet.com>
Subject: Re: Chinese junk and being PC
From: Trevor Boicey <tboicey@brit.ca>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 14:39:30 -0400
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Robert B. Houston wrote:
> I know!...Frank could have posted the list, then asked anyone who objected
> to e-mail him, then he could have said he was writing in behalf of the list,
> "except for Trevor, Mark, Luke, John, etc, etc....!

  How biblical! Hell, 3 out of 4 evangelists can't be wrong, eh?

> Or he could have submitted a proposed message and we could have edited it
> for content, spelling, and political correctness.  Bet we could have come to
> a concensus and sent the finished message sometime before the mellinium.

  ...again, you seem to only see TWO choices, speak for all of us
without asking us, and ask us all and speak for us sometime next

  There is the obvious choice #3, which would be NOT to speak for
other people at all. Frank can send all the emails he wants to
moss or to anyone he pleases, but I don't think it's fair that
he claims to have "the masses" behind him when it's not exactly

Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.
tboicey@brit.ca, http://www.brit.ca/~tboicey/

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